Sunday, February 14, 2010

Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Not So Innocent

OK, so I know I already posted something today, but I'm so excited about this blogging situation that I wanted to say a few more things. Let's see how long it takes before the excitement wears off.

So let me just say that I am a little bit of a blogging moron cause I don't know how to add all the fun stuff, like pictures and junk. It might be a while before you see some pictures, but hopefully my witty insights will be enough to entertain you until I can post something shiny and fun to look at.

Also, I have decided that since this is a public blog, that I will not give out too many identifying details. This means that I will try very, very hard to never talk about my job, and I will also not use names of family and friends, hence the name of this post. Speaking of names, I hope ya'll like how I go by Shelly D. It just sounds so Jersey Shore, I love it!

If you are reading this blog, subscribe to it and be my follower please. I like the idea of having followers, it sounds like I am the leader of a cult :)

If you have a blog, let me know, I would love to join your cult. I've already joined 3. I'm still trying to figure out if there is a way to browse blogs to find other interesting people to follow, but like I said, this blogging moron hasn't figured out all the fancy stuff yet.

I am trying to get a certain friend to start her own blog. She wants to, but she is hesitating. You know who you are, friend. As Nike would say, JUST DO IT!

BTW, here is a disclaimer from my earlier post. My boyfriend is not nagging. He is the greatest boyfriend ever, and he doesn't nag, he just has the unfortunate job of being the one who has to light the fire under my ass when I need to get going :)

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