Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome to My Blog and Happy Valentine's Day!

OK, so I've decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon and try my hand at blogging. Why the hell not? I'm always looking for useful time wasting activities, plus I want to see if anybody actually cares about what I have to say.

I'm not really sure what the "theme" of my blog will be yet, but those of you who are nearest and dearest to me will know that I am a person who is never fully satisfied. I am always still searching for the perfect (insert word here), whether it be the perfect sushi restaurant, the perfect career, the perfect face wash, whatever, so maybe this blog can be a little bit about my quest for satisfaction. If had to pick a soundtrack for my life, you better believe that The Rolling Stones' "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" and U2's "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" would be on there.

But despite dwelling on my quest for something better, I could also use this blog as a way to be happy with what I already have, and to try to focus on all the positive in my life, and all of that cheesey goodness. Let's just see what direction this blog takes. Hopefully a fun one!

Happy Valentine's Day, Readers! I know many people hate this day, especially if you celebrate it as "Singles Awareness Day", but really, think of it as a day to celebrate ALL love, whether it be romantic love, family love, friendship love, puppy love, or love for chocolate. I think the world needs to have a day where we can focus on love and stimulate the economy at the same time. So if you don't have a special "boo", then celebrate with your family, friends, and pets. They love you too.

OK so let's keep this first post short and sweet, especially since a certain boyfriend is nagging me to get ready to go so we can visit his parents. I'm bringing over some Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt brownies that I just discovered today. Not bad for no fat.

Later Potators!


  1. Wow!!!
    Your alterego right out there in cyberspace. What a great way to see the real you.
    John the Teacher

  2. Hi,

    You wrote so much stuff : ) What am I supposed to write on here?

    Happy Valentine's Day. I'm enjoying the 4 day weekend. V-day was great. Nick gave me diamond earrings and Holli's birthstone earrings (Topaz). I went to dance class. It was really great. There's a class on Saturday's at 2pm called "A-Town Funk". We all really need to go to it. It is so fun. And it's also easy but a good workout. It's mostly stuff like "walk it out" and dances like that.

    Ladies, keep Saturday March 13th open for Say Yes to the Dress and Mimosas at my house. I can move it to Sunday if that's a better time for anyone.

  3. Say hi to Heidi for me... Augh Florida please get a Trader Joe's!!

  4. OK, Now I think I am officially "Following Your Blog"

  5. welcome to the blog world!! can't wait to see you in two weeks! Happy Valentines day!

  6. I can get on here at work!! Thank god! I was so bored.

  7. Michelle, can you get on here at work? I can use this instead of gmail chat.