Saturday, February 9, 2013

Food For Thought

Hello All! For today's blog, I will be sharing with you about how I've been wanting to get my volunteer on!
It recently started when I sprained my ankle very badly and was hobbling around like an elderly person. I really feel for the elderly. I also think that I happen to share a lot of hobbies with them, such as knitting, reading, doing puzzles, being crotchety, etc., that naturally it seemed like a good fit to volunteer at a senior home. Well, I went to Sunrise Assisted Living in Johns Creek, filled out the lengthy application, and never heard a word back from their volunteer coordinator, even after several attempts to reach her through phone and email. Lets be honest, senior homes are depressing. I can't imagine that they have so many volunteers lining up that they can afford to snub a potential volunteer, but whatever. Moving on.

Well, I attended a meeting of a service organization that I am thinking about joining, and one of the non-profits that they brought up at their meeting was Food For Thought. This organization is wonderful! They are based out of Forsyth County and the premise is that they leave reusable grocery bags on your door step for you to fill up with food items. You have two months to fill it up, then on a select Saturday they will come around and pick it up for you. It then gets taken to a storage unit where they sort out the food and distribute it to the local food pantries in the county. Love it!

At first I signed up to fill up a bag, but I decided that I wanted to do more and so I volunteered to be a pick up driver. Today was the first day and it was so much fun! I drove to about 15 homes, could have been less, I forgot to count, in Forsyth County that were close to my home. I did it by myself and it wasn't scary. All of the neighborhoods were nice. My worst fear was a large dog charging at the door barking loudly at me, and that did happen at the second house, who also happened to not leave out a bag. Boo!

I basically picked up bags that people left out full of food, then left them a replacement bag. If there is no bag on the porch, we are instructed not to knock or bother people, just leave a nice little sign on the doorknob saying "sorry we missed you". Super easy, and a good workout carrying bags of food. Most people remembered to leave out their bags but there were 3 houses that didn't. One lady ran outside in her bare feet to catch me and give me her bag before I drove off.

All in all it took about 2 hours of my morning. I loved it and want to do it again. I also hope to get other people I know in Forsyth County to sign up to fill up bags. It's so easy and since you have 2 months to do it, you aren't breaking the bank. Just buy an extra can of tuna or soup here and there. Plus I've seen the pantries where the food goes, but more on that in another blog, so why wouldn't you want to help? It's so easy!!!

For more information or to hopefully sign up, go to

And now, my photo upload......

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